Dear Mr. President (-elect)

Dear Mr. President(-elect),

Congratulations on your hard-fought, hard-won victory in Tuesday’s election.  I hope you have enjoyed these few celebratory days since Tuesday.  I really do.  However, party time is over.  Yes, it was nice to tip a few in your honor and the realization that soon we will be rid of the worst President this country has ever seen.  God knows I put a few (a few? who am I kidding?) down Tuesday night.  But, the real battle has just begun and you damn sure better be ready for it.  I have no doubt that you will be ready.

Beginning on day 1, January 20 2009, you need to hit the ground running and get a damn good headstart toward implementing some of those policies you so eloquently talked about during the campaign.  Because the Republicans (at least those who rabidlysupported John McCain and still support George W.) will be gunning for you figuratively if not literally.  But I urge you to be cautious.  Don’t think for one minute that because Congress is a lot bluer today than it was last week that everything is sunshine and roses.  The Democrats don’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  As a result you can bet there is going to be push-back from Republicans who want to continue to divisiveness of the last 8 years if for no other reason than to gloat “See, we told you he’d be bad for America!”.  Those are the political snakes you must watch out for.

I supported you during your campaign but there were many Democrats who did not.  To those you must reassure and coddle, to a lesser extent, in order to enact the policies that will save this country from further disaster, economically, militarily, and ethically.  Be the bigger man but don’t be afraid to twist some arms and kick some ass where appropriate.  I still support you but am no doubt convinced that there will be some in Washington D.C. who attempt to trip you up at every turn.  Be ready for them.  Have a plan in place to deal with those knuckleheads on both the Right and Left.  And always remember that the World is Watching.

I’ll close with a line my Drill Instructors used to pound into our heads in Marine Corps Boot Camp: “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”  That line is ever so important for you to remember now.  You sweated a lot during the campaign, but now the war starts.  The war of ideas between those who want to see you leave the White House disgraced and ashamed and those of us who want you to heal the wounds inflicted on this country over the past 8 years and enact the policies that made up your platform during the campaign.  Good luck and Godspeed, Mr. President.  You’re gonna need it.



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