In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you are here at The Bulldog Says… This site is dedicated to my rants, raves, bitches, moans, complaints, general comments, and sometimes very twisted sense of humor. I discuss all the things that used to be considered hands-off in polite company. This includes politics AND religion among others, in fact, especially politics and religion. If you are easily offended, I don’t want you here. If you can’t take some good-natured, and sometimes bad-natured, ribbing, I want you to leave. If you expect me to pander to you and/or your views, forget about it. I don’t work that way. However, if you’re still up to it, welcome to my site. Feel free to register, look around, post some comments or whatever.

A former Marine who has finally found out he has a big mouth. OK, so I knew it already. I’m an angry individual, so don’t piss me off. I’ve got a whole case of verbal whoop-ass just waiting to be opened up.

What: Still haven’t figured that out yet.

When: Started this blog online magazine back in December `04 so I could rant about how my brother got screwed by Bush’s back-door draft, you know, a stop-loss order.

Currently live in the Great White Nort’, otherwise known as Milwaukee. Try to threaten me or worse, my family, be prepared ’cause even God and all his angels won’t prevent what I do to you. I will report any threats to the proper authorities first, however. After that, you better run.

Because I can. That’s all the scoop you need to know.

I use Hosting Matters for my host. Check them out. Great prices and excellent support. And yes, I still use IE. Never had any problems. You want to try to hack me or send me a virus? See above. I will track you down like a wounded deer.