Woo Hoo! Beer and Hookers!

[sarcasm]It’s a redneck straight guy’s fantasy! And to have someone else paying for it too? That’s just bonus! Too bad I didn’t know Brent Wilkes and Duke Cunningham.[/sarcasm]

The ongoing investigation into the Duke Cunningham influence-peddling case has uncovered some “Clintonesque” misdeeds, although I must say even Clinton didn’t go this far. It would appear that defense contractor Brent Wilkes was running some “hospitality suites” at both the infamous Watergate hotel and the Westin Grand in Washington D.C. Would I be out of line to request impeachment hearings yet? I mean the “culture of corruption” that is the Republican party in Congress has now risen to the level that got Clinton impeached. [ed. note–I know from a Republican viewpoint the issue wasn’t about sex, but rather lying to a Grand Jury, however it was the extra-marital oral sex and the millions of dollars spent investigating it that led to that conclusion.] How much sleazier will these guys get? Civil liberties are already being trampled in the name of National Security and the Global War on Terror. How much further will the current Congressional leadership take this country down the path to destruction? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

It’s a sad day when the self-proclaimed religious and moral leaders of this country do crap like this. I just hope the people wise-up about the REAL issues facing this country and vote these corrupt fools out of office come November. I know I will.

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