Will we get another one-finger victory salute from Bush?

one finger salute

With the expected recess appointment of John Bolton to the UN, the American people should get used to seeing this picture. Once again, President Bush shows off his screw-you, stay-the-course attitude. Never mind that Bolton is not qualified because of his inherent disdain for the United Nations. Never mind that he isn’t even a diplomat, although he’d argue with that I’m sure.

The former head of the State Department’s in-house intelligence bureau, Carl Ford, has stated Bolton is :

“a quintessential kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy” whose attempt to intimidate a mid-level analyst raises “real questions about his suitability for high office” From USA Today.

He is a bad choice for UN Ambassador. I don’t care how critical he is of the UN and its shortcomings. This is not a good choice for our country when we are trying to mend diplomatic ties with our allies. His presence at the UN will be a disaster. His demeanor is that of a child who doesn’t get his way.

In some ways, a recess appointment of Bolton to the UN by President Bush would show how much like Bolton he really is. Bush will also do whatever it takes to get his way–even if it means giving Congress and the American people the ‘ol one-finger victory salute.

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