Why lefty bloggers are embracing Operation Yellow Elephant

Over at Jesus’ General I found a post about someone by the name of Paul Schafer. Paul is a member of Gonzaga’s College Republican organization who feels that those of us on the left are just a bunch of hippie-pot smoking-terrorists. Paul made this outrageous claim on his own site bearing his namesake. I won’t give him the benefit of a link either. Well, Paul, I served my country with honor as a US Marine. And I’m a Democrat. Guess I don’t fit your mold, do I? Anyway, in one of his other posts he mentions that he won’t take anyone seriously that posts a comment on his site because they appear to “all come from the same 10 or 12 IP addresses” or some such nonsense. In reading the comments on that post, I came across a very poignant and to the point response by someone named Mary. The below excerpt of her comment hits the nail on the head on why Operation Yellow Elephant is necessary:

When you vote for war you vote for some other persons’ certain death. Your positive vote on the issue of war is a demand for the most serious kind of sacrifice from others — from able young men and women, from their families, friends and loved ones.

So you see, that’s what this is about. War = Death. With the damning evidence against this administration provided by the now-infamous Downing Street Memos, it is now apparent that the War in Iraq was ill-conceived at best. So the question to those on the right who STILL feel that we were right in invading and going to war is this:If you are an able-bodied male or female who still supports this war, and knowing that military recruitment levels are severely lacking, why aren’t you enlisting and volunteering to fight in Iraq?
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