Viable Third Party?

Fixer, of both Alternate Brain and Main and Central, jokingly brought up the idea of forming a Blogger’s Party not too long ago as a result of a question posed by Shakespeare’s Sister. Now his post goes into more detail by actually assigning bloggers to posts normally associated with the presidency, but I gotta ask: Why not form a an independent progressive political party?

Bloggers are increasingly getting more and more media attention as evidenced by recent comments from the Whitehouse indicating that they are indeed checking the blogs. The fact remains that blogs ARE important because they tend to be a fairly accurate gauge on what is important to us everyday folks. Even some high profile politicians attended YearlyKOS in Las Vegas a short time ago in order to “gin up support” and subsequently support the bloggers as well. Some who attended may have done so in order to make themselves look good (what politician doesn’t do this?) but others are truly in tune with what bloggers are saying. Take, for example, Michigan’s John Conyers. He has his own blog. He definitely listens to what his constituents and supporters are saying both directly and indirectly about the issues of the day.

My point to all of this is that bloggers are a very politically aware group; even those who do nothing more than read the blogs. A healthy distrust of the spoon-fed news we see on TV is good. Blogs tend to serve as alternate media sources with varying degrees of readership and knowledge on the issues. Personally, I don’t think there is anything stopping us bloggers transitioning from talking about the issues and policies to deciding the issues and policies.

So what do you think? Do you think a Bloggers Party is in order?

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