Veteran’s day 2006

I’m extremely late with this for a couple of reasons. One, I was busy all weekend, and two, I was still writing it. I did not intentionally forget Veteran’s Day. Our nation’s veterans and all military personnel are always on my mind.  This year, I have decided to honor a group of our nation’s veterans that seem to rarely get the honor they deserve: World War One veterans. By doing so, the following poem holds none of the anger I feel toward our government about the ongoing War in Iraq and the lack of support veterans of that conflict are getting with regards to PTSD.

Veteran’s Day

Ev’ry year we celebrate

brave men and the ground they stood.

Like the Marines defending France’s Belleau Wood.


They all bravely manned their posts

as hot lead around them flew.

Germans called them Teufel Hund and now we do too.


Heroes boxed up and sent home,

selflessly their lives they gave.

Flowers laid to honor them still adorn each grave.


Mem’ries of each brave man lost,

flood our minds both night and day.

Each brave, young man remembered ev’ry time we pray.


We will never forget them,

and their honor we will shield.

Never forget the men that lay In Flanders Fields.

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