Updating the blogroll and keeping at least 1 of my resolutions…

Well, I said I was going to start updating my blogroll and let me give you the first couple sites here:

Informed Dissent – Michael Miller is a very passionate guy when it comes to politics and the state of the nation. I highly advise visiting him and checking out his Selected Posts.

Hillary Now – Jami was kind enough to link to me under her category “Those who link to me”. Had I not found that she linked to me I wouldn’t have been able to make good on her category placement. She’s in tune with women’s rights issues and advocates Hillary for the first woman president.

These are just the first of many new sites I will be linking to this year. I also need to do some serious housekeeping concerning the categories of links to the right. Just having Acquaintances and Friends really doesn’t do justice to all of the links. Perhaps the addition of new categories is in order.

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