The swiftboating of John Murtha – a ballad

In light of the investigations surrounding the indiscriminate killings, execution style, of approximately 24 civilians in Haditha, Jack Murtha (D-PA) spoke out about the killings saying those that perpetrated them did so “in cold blood”. Now, as some of you may know, Jack Murtha is a decorated 30-year Retired Marine Colonel. He has the ear of the commanders on the ground in Iraq. When things like Haditha happen, especially by Marines, it tarnishes the reputation that Marines have of being the best. As you all also know, I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years. The actions of the Marines at Haditha, 3rd rotation or not, were not indicative of the training that Murtha, myself, these Marines and countless others received during our respective time serving this country. In fact, the actions of these Marines were diametrically opposed to the Rules of Engagement as well as Geneva Conventions. There are those on the Right that want to say that Murtha’s comment “aid and abet the enemy” but I have to disagree. His comments bring to light disgraceful abuses of power taken by some of our servicemen and women currently in Iraq. I understand also that such things can happen in a time of war, but that does not excuse it! If anything “aids and abets the enemy” it is actions such as those that allegedly happened at Haditha.

(to the tune of Gordon Lightfoot’s Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald)

He served time in Hell, he was wounded as well
But some folks they just won’t believe him.
They question him on the awards he had won.
They say that he didn’t deserve ‘em.

They jumped on his back for his plan for Iraq.
And said he backed cutting and runnin’.
The pundits lined up from O’Reilly to Rush.
In their sights for him they were gunnin’.

He was known as a hawk, but Iraq he now balks
The number of dead just keeps rising.
Out of harm’s way, redeploy them today.
Chickenhawks think he’s fantasizing.

In Haditha he said, there shouldn’t be all those dead.
He slammed the Marines that had killed ‘em.
He got no support, ‘cept from lib’rals of course.
The Left Wing now stands behind him.

A traitor he’s called, the Right Wingers appalled
The calls to resign sure came flooding.
A Dem with some sense, he’s a hawk on Defense
His support’s not waning, but budding.

Diana Irey*, got a little fiery
When she said he put our troops in danger.
Never mind that Bush lied, or the thousands who’ve died.
To war, Jack Murtha’s no stranger.

The report, it’s been said, confirms 24 dead.
Exactly what Jack Murtha stated.
Charges will come, long before it’s all done,
But Jack Murtha still will be hated.

They can’t understand, why gen’rals talk to this man.
When they won’t talk to SecDef Don Rumsfeld.
They speak of his time, like he committed a crime.
They want to see him in a jail cell.

But truth will prevail, and Marines will be jailed.
The rules of engagement they’d shattered.
Jack’s courage to speak, makes their statements seem weak
In the end that will be all that mattered.

He served time in Hell, he was wounded as well
But some folks still think he’s a zero.
A brave man is he, but the foolish can’t see
That Jack Murtha’s really a hero.

*Diana Irey(eye-ree), of Carroll Township, PA, is the Republican challenger to John Murtha in November’s Midterm elections.

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