The ever-increasing commercialism of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and with every commercial on TV, every ad in the newspaper, and just about every piece of junk mail you get, you’ll find another retailer hawking their wares to those gullible enough to buy what it is they’re selling. While the Christmas season is the time of giving, I hate the thought that there are children, in this country, still hoping to get one meal a day, a warm coat, or even some half-decent second-hand clothes to wear. Many of the better-known charities out there give their big holiday push to bring attention to the less-fortunate in our society. I only wish it was that way year-round.

Click the link below and you’ll get the chance to listen to one of my favorite Christmas songs. It speaks truth to the retailers’ lies about what Christmas is, or at least should be, about. So think about it, and if you can spare a bit of change, drop it in the bucket for the Salvation Army. If you can do without the latest electronic gadget this year, give the money to one of the charities in your area that helps the poverty-stricken. Another good charity for the kids this year is Toys For Tots which makes non verbal toys for autistic children. Consider helping any or all of them out this year.

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