The Destruction of Civil Rights in Wisconsin

Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Senate approved a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would effectively ban gay marriage “or anything similar”. I am deeply disheartened that the Republicans in my state would stoop this low to “protect the sanctity of marriage”. I wrote emails to both of my state legislators concerning this issue. Thankfully, my State Senator voted against the amendment. I’m fairly sure my State Representative will as well.

There are going to be some of you who try to argue with me that not allowing gay marriage DOES NOT equate to destroying civil rights. Please continue to read on. Prior to civil rights movement in the `50s and `60s, African-Americans did not enjoy the same legal benefits as White Americans. They couldn’t go where they wanted, sit where they wanted, go to college where they wanted, etc. That is basically what is going on today. Homosexual couples currently do not enjoy the same legal benefits and protections that heterosexual couples do: the ability to marry. This legislation is saying “We don’t like it that you’re gay. We wish you would all die. But since we cannot just kill you, we want you to know that there’s no way in hell you’re going to get the same rights and benefits as I do because the bible says what you’re doing is SIN!” Those who are against it continually try to frame the argument that by allowing gays to marry would further destroy marriage. That’s a flat-out lie. The number one factor that destroys the sanctity of marriage is the legal ability to divorce. Because of that factor, I have asked both of my state legislators to sponsor a proposed amendment banning divorce since that is what has destroyed the so-called sanctity of marriage.

Just what is at risk by allowing gays to “marry “? Straight people interact with gays all the time; they just don’t know it. For those in the Catholic Church, there are some parishes where the parishioners have been exposed to a homosexual priest for years or even decades. Did it really affect their religious upbringing prior to them knowing their priest was gay? (ed. note: I’m not talking about the ones who have harmed children either) The answer to that question is NO. The fact of the matter is that, contrary to the Republican and religious viewpoint, gays are not going to “turn your kids gay”. Being gay is NOT a radical movement. They are not out to subvert everything that you hold dear. In fact, if you got to know some gay people, you might just find out they’re just like you. The whole argument is nothing short of mob mentality (see the book Chicken Little if you don’t get my meaning).

These same people that spout the nonsense about turning your kids gay are cut from the same cloth as the ones 40 years ago (and even today) that went on and on about how all blacks were criminals. Newsflash: They’re NOT! Same thing with homosexuals.

My final thought is this: This debate, this legislation, is not about protecting marriage. This legislation is about legalizing discrimination. This debate is about Equality, across-the-board equality. I’ll say to those who support banning gay marriage pretty much the same thing I tell anti-choice (read Pro-Life) advocates: You don’t want Gay Marriage, don’t have one. You don’t want an abortion? Don’t have one.

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