The Ad Democrats Should be Running

The following is pilfered from DBK at Blanton’s and Ashton’s who swiped it from Cathy from Canada.

This video sums up a lot of what is wrong with the Republican Party these days AND why we need to get out and vote for a change on Tuesday. There is a lot more riding on this mid-term election than on elections past. Besides the different initiatives on various state ballots, this is our chance to send a strong, clear message to President Bush and the Republican Party: YOU ARE WRONG! WRONG ON TAXES, WRONG ON THE WAR IN IRAQ, WRONG ON IMMIGRATION REFORM, WRONG ON THE WAR ON TERROR, AND WRONG FOR AMERICA!

Do your part to help get out the vote by talking to your friends, relatives, and neighbors and urging them to get out and vote on Tuesday (Republicans, you guys get your own day to vote: Wednesday! Just kidding, calm down.) You can also volunteer for phone banking and canvassing through various Democratic organizations.


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