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It’s time to help get the word out. The ACLU took out a full page ad in the New York Times about Bush’s illegal wiretapping activities and how it compares to Nixon’s wiretaps and spying on Americans. The ad is shown below. Feel free to grab it and post it on your site as well. We need to achieve the widest audience possible so Americans can understand how Bush’s wiretapping violates not only FISA, but also our fundamental 4th Amendment rights.


Unfortunately, due to my site’s size restrictions, I was unable to post the entire ad here. The text portion of the ad is here:

The last time a United States President claimed that he alone had the unilateral power to tap phones without a judicial order, that incident ended in the national disgrace known as the Watergate scandal. At the time, Congress stepped up to the plate and served as an essential check and balance to preserve democracy for future generations of Americans.

No American – even one the President claims has ties to terrorism – is beneath the law’s protection. And no one – not even a US President – is above the law’s limits.

Congress must step up to the plate again and demonstrate a bi-partisan committment to our system of checks and balances. A special counsel must be appointed to determine whether oaths of office were broken and federal laws violated.

Because it’s not about promoting a political agenda. It’s about preserving American democracy.

Call your Member of Congress at (202) 224-3121.
Insist on Congressional hearings. Demand that the Attorney General appoint a special counsel to investigate whether the President violated the Constitution and his oath of office.

Protect our system of checks and balances.
To learn more, go to www.aclu.org

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