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Spam from the candidates?

Spam from the candidates

It’s so much fun playing with the candidates’ platforms that somebody couldn’t resist the following parody. For those users as unfortunate as myself, the form of the following parody email will look disturbingly familiar. A site called Gastaxscam.com has taken 2 of the candidates’ positions on offering a gas tax holiday and posted it as a fake spam email. Here’s an excerpt:


Dear Sir

First we must solicit your confidence in this issue. This is by virtue as being utterly confidential and “top secret”.

We are SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, the wife of the former United States head of state, PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, and also SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, friend and associate of current head of state PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. We got your contact through business inquiries as we were searching for contacts of a citizen who can help save our and our family’s political careers since our country has been frustrating us.


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