Salsa for everyone!

On Friday, a vegetable truck rigged with explosives blew up outside a Shiite mosque northeast of Baghdad, and gunmen sprayed automatic fire into a bakery in a Shiite district of the capital in sectarian violence that killed at least 23 people.

Iraqis in Baghdad are now enjoying a traditional Mexican dish: Salsa! Thanks to the efforts of car bomber Muhammed al-Quedoba, Iraqis now have salsa to dip their “holy(holey) bread” into. Meanwhile, efforts to describe the dead are ongoing. One citizen is quoted as saying “Mmmm… Toasty!” but efforts to confirm this have been unsuccessful.

Yes, I know I am a sick individual. No need to tell me, thanks.

AP Wire | 02/12/2005 | Car Bomb Kills 17 Outside Iraqi Hospital

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