Rev. Haggard tries to prove that Gays ruin marriage…

But his wife ain’t having none of it! Way to take one for the team, Ted! Literally! Although the his marriage isn’t ruined, Haggard does however prove a “Radical Gay Agenda”. [/sarcasm off]

Hypocrisy reared its ugly head again this week when Rev. Ted Haggard of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO was forced out of the closet by a man he was paying to have sex with on a regular basis over the past three years.

Here is a man who many considered to be a very devout Christian who openly advocated for a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage or “anything similar to marriage”. He had almost weekly phone calls with the Whitehouse along with other evangelical leaders. Yet, unbeknownst to his wife, children or his congregation, he was engaging in homosexual acts behind closed doors. The depths of this man’s hypocrisy is amazing to me. Mike Jones, the man with whom he was having sex, decided to blow Haggard’s cover due to his hypocrisy in supporting bans on gay marriage. Regardless how hard they try, churches are never going to be able to “stamp out” homosexuality. It has been around since the beginning of time and will continue to be here long after we’re all gone. Unlike these evangelical and fundamentalist organizations, I don’t find homosexuality deviant, just different from heterosexuality. I’ve long advocated for equality when it comes to the legal recognition of gay relationships. You either relegate the term “marriage” to the church and let them define it as one man and one woman and let the states provide for equal legal protections and benefits for 2 person relationships, OR you define both heterosexual and homosexual relationships as “marriage” within the confines of the law. Plain, simple and it affords both groups with equality in the eyes of the law. Now why can’t folks like Haggard, Dobson, LaBarbera, Perkins, Wildmon, etc. get that through their thick skulls?

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