You know, some pests are harder to kill than others. I just had to use modern technology’s version of RAID pest repellent. Seems I got me a troll under this here bridge. Well, he’s gone for good now. A little history:

A commenter who went by the moniker Former Marine made a comment that disagreed with me. Fine. I have no problem with that. In fact, I encourage those who disagree with me to post their comments. It tends to liven up debate if kept respectable. However, Former Marine did not keep it respectable. He then went on to start spamming my posts with off-topic bullshit. That’s when I initially censored his IP through my spam software. Well, determined little bastard that he is, he found a way around that by using his work PC. He continued spamming me so I added THAT address to my Blacklist as well. Today, he decides to grace us all with his presence once again, so I’ve added him to the master IP DENY LIST for my domain. Any and all requests by him to access my site will be given a 404 error.

Just in case any of you want to preemptively prohibit this bastard from corrupting your sites, he goes by Mad Dog now and can probably be found from the IP address Have fun everybody!

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