Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this blog to bring you an important Public Service Announcement:

As part of our regularly scheduled activities here at “The Guys From Area 51″, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome any of our government’s monitoring agencies to our site. So if you are an employee of the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA or other set of initials funded by our tax dollars and part of your job description entails you viewing this blog on a regular basis, well, FUCK YOU. Yes sir, that’s a big FUCK YOU. And we’re smiling when we say that!

This message is brought to you by “The Guys From Area 51” via Fixer. That is all.

Not that we here at The Bulldog Says… have much to worry about from the intelligence community. Hell, I’ve been checking my Sitemeter stats pretty regularly and the most government “monitoring” I get is some GS puke looking for Calvin & Hobbes snowman pictures.

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