Operation Yellow Elephant is on!

Courtesy of Jesus’ General for the graphic)


From General JC Christian at Jesus’ General comes this excellent campaign to try and fill the ranks of both the Army and (my beloved) Marine Corps.

This Friday (tomorrow) is the 56th College Republican National Convention (June 24-26). The objective of OYE is to motivate the College Republicans to vigorously defend the vital work they’re doing defending the homefront by holding affirmative action bake sales, immigrant hunts, and subsidizing the Scaife funding of Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Michelle Malkin.
By utilizing those young men and women who fully support the War on Terror and the Debacle in the Desert™ also known as the War in Iraq, recruiting levels will be able to be “shored up” so to speak.

The General has updates galore over at his place. Stop by and offer your support! Here’s the post that outlines what OYE is about: Operation Yellow Elephant

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