Note to Marine Corps Reserve col. Danny Bubp – State Rep. for Ohio’s 88th district

Just sent an email to Col. Danny Bubp, the Ohio State Representative whose derogatory comments toward Rep. Jack Murtha were repeated on the US House of Representatives floor by Rep. Jean Schmidt (OH-02). Text follows:

Rep. Bubp,

Sir, as a fellow Marine, I thought we were brothers. I thought that brothers looked after one another. Unfortunately, with your recent comments toward Rep. Jack Murtha, himself one of “our” brothers, it appears that you have forgotten the Marine Corps Motto Semper Fidelis. If you are still intent on being a US Marine, it would behoove you to go back through your Marine Corps history lessons and again learn the meaning of the phrase. Semper Fidelis means being Always Faithful to God, Country, and Corps. Your comments relayed by Rep. Schmidt seem to have betrayed that faith. If this is how you feel about your brothers, I urge you to resign you commission in the Marine Corps Reserve and go join the Army Reserve. They don’t rely on that brotherhood as we do. They do not have the same personal integrity as Marines do. But one thing you can count on, sir, is that they have no problem with cutting down one of their own like you have recently done with Col. Murtha. Have an excellent day, sir, and hopefully you reconsider your remarks toward Col. Murtha.

LCpl Bulldog* (’92-’96)

*Last name omitted for privacy purposes.

**I know that there are those of you who read this who are/were in the Army/Army Reserves. The above was not meant to be a slam against your service, rather a testament to how most Marines view themselves compared to the other services; a little inter-service rivalry if you will. Everybody knows we’re cocky bastards who think Army stands for Aint Ready to be Marines Yet. So for those of you who have taken offense to the above, I apologize.
***Can’t believe I made the faux pas of signing that as LCpl. I made it to Cpl. before I got out. What was I thinking…

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