No More Joe?

At least not as a Democrat! It looks like the Joementum just didn’t last.

Last night, in a hotly contested Senate race in Connecticut, Joe Lieberman lost to newcomer Ned Lamont. As this post will be just one more in a million posts about this, I’ll try to keep it short. Connecticut voters proved to Lieberman that they don’t buy into his politics anymore. What is needed is a change in the way our politicians do business in Washington and Lamont has vowed to do just that. Just like Republicans call John McCain a RINO (Republican In Name Only), Joe Lieberman has been labelled a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). His staunch defense of the president when it comes to the Debacle in the Desert™ has been a key factor in his defeat. reports that 60% of Americans oppose the Iraq War. That’s a hell of a lot of folks against the “Stay and Pay” policy of President Bush and his Administration. That Joe Lieberman would get nice and comfy with that policy is one of the things that led to Ned Lamont winning the Democratic Primary in CT last night.

Races like this one are not an aberration anymore. Ned Lamont proved how grass-roots(net-roots?) support works for political candidates. Joe Lieberman has disgraced himself by proudly proclaiming that he will run as an Independent in November. But that’s not all he’s done. He’s disgraced the party he claims to have been a loyal member of for all of his political life—until now. Personally, I don’t think Lieberman can win in November against Lamont. By running as an Independent he’s shown himself to be less concerned about maintaining his Democratic principles and abiding by the results of the primary and more concerned about losing his power and his livelihood.

All in all, Lieberman’s loss doesn’t bode well for Republicans or Democrats who’ve forgotten where they came from and who they work for.

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