Well, as some of you saw Saturday and yesterday, I made a pretty shitty attempt at an April Fool’s Joke. Kind of half-hearted and rushed is what it was. Fortunately, it was just that–a joke. I want you guys to know that I haven’t been completely dormant here. Yes, I know I’ve left you guys without a good post for some time, but trust me I haven’t been idle. I guess you could say I’ve been lurking in the shadows. Sort of like the character Jake from the book I’m writing and debuting here chapter by chapter : Instinct and Reflex.

Speaking of Jake and his exploits, I’ll be posting a new chapter probably tonight yet, but maybe tomorrow. I highly urge you guys (and girls) to start from the beginning here–> Instinct and Reflex, Chap. 1. Each chapter so far has a link to the next and also a link back to the beginning for any of you newcomers. I think I’m starting to get an idea of what Jake does next, but I’ll let you guys ponder that while I do the writing. As I promised in my New Year’s post awhile back, I want to really get cracking on this book. In the past I’ve made a couple attempts at writing what I hoped would be a book, but I’ve never had the story jump out at me like Jake’s story. So with that, dear friends, I bid you adieu. I promise I’ll try to get some post out here with a little bit more substance.

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