Memorial Day 2007: Explanation

Another year has passed and more blood has been shed. More blood than I care to think of, really. So here we are again at the time of year that we remember the sacrifices of those killed in our Nation’s service. Yet, I did not put a post up because I couldn’t. I couldn’t honor the memory and sacrifice of those killed while serving our country without mentioning Iraq. Turning a Memorial Day post into another bitch-fest about how criminal and wrong the Iraq War is, would not befit the lives and memories of all those who’ve died in other wars and conflicts in which we’ve been involved throughout history. For those of you who think that’s wrong, I’m sorry. There is nothing that means more to me that showing proper respect and honor to our troops. That was one of the reasons I started this blog to begin with. To properly honor the deaths of those killed in Iraq, we need to bring them home. The time to “fix” Iraq is over. It is now time to bring our young men and women home and start providing them the care, both medical and mental health, they so desperately need.

Support Our Troops! Bring Them Home!

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