May they rot in hell…

Yeah, I suppose you could apply that to the Bush Administration, but I’m actually talking about frickin’ comment spammers. It would seem that they have found a way around my spam plugin to the effect that they somehow are automatically adding the IP address associated with the trackback into my whitelist. In layman’s terms, they make my spam plugin think that they are OK and it places them on the “good” list. The headache comes in when I attempt to moderate these trackbacks and comment spams. Because the IP address they supposedly originated from (don’t know if they’re being sent by proxy IP) is on my “good” list, then my plugin flags them as both on the IP Blacklist, the “bad” list, as well as the IP Whitelist. This puts them on an IP Greylist and makes my spam plugin ignore what I’m trying to do. Sure, if I had about 15 hours a day to devote to keeping my site clear of spam, I could manage this part manually. Since I don’t have that much time and since this isn’t a very popular blog (see my TTLB rating in the sidebar) I have to come up with another way to make commenting here as hassle-free as possible, yet still keep the spammers away.


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