Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Seems to be all the Bush Administration is peddling these days. Eight US Attorneys are fired for “performance issues” when in reality, they were fired for strictly political reasons. Attoney General Gonzales weak excuse was that the firings “were not handled approriately” and that “he was not made aware of all of the information surrounding the firings”. Lies, lies, and more lies. To top it all off, Gonzales and the Bush Administration had the Patriot Act changed to allow the Justice Dept. to appoint new US Attorneys without Congressional confirmation. Think they had these 8 US Attorneys in mind when they lobbied for that change? I know I do. Now President Bush and AG Gonzales say they “will not fight” the push to have the law changed back to require confirmation of new US Attorneys. Boy, does that sound like throwing the dogs a bone. The facts of these firings are still coming out, but what is out there already seems to, once again, prove what those of us on the left felt from Day One about Alberto Gonzales. He is Bush’s lackey and his primary focus is on what Bush and his staff want rather than what’s good for the country. Just one more case of cronyism at the highest levels of our government.

Had this happened at any private company, you know damn well the stockholders would have forced the hand of the executives to have the person who committed such lapses in judgement and oversight canned immediately or at least forced to resign. While I was in the Marine Corps, each person in the chain of command was responsible for what his/her subordinates did, all the way up to Commandant of the Marine Corps. As I was an NCO, had one of my Lance Corporals, PFCs, or Privates pulled some stupid shit off-base, I was ultimately responsible for their actions. In the most egregious of cases, I could potentially have been charged under the UCMJ had I had any knowledge of their actions and failed to report it. So it goes in this instance with Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Justice Dept.

Like it or not, Alberto Gonzales WILL take the fall for this “mistake in judgement”. One only wishes that our newly-elected Democratic Congress takes things a step further and begins preparing articles of impeachment for Bush and Cheney as well since that is where all of this starts and ends.

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