Just a little survey…. Or is it?

A suburb of Milwaukee (my city of residence) recently hit the local newspaper courtesy of a group called Students for Unity. The town in question is Port Washington, WI. Students for Unity, a student group at Port Washington High School, made the news because of a controversial survey they distributed back in April that asked such questions as “When did you know you were heterosexual?” This student organization hoped to draw attention to the National Day of Silence which is an annual event co-sponsored by New York City’s Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

What amazes me is the controversy and not the survey itself. This group, by asking questions such as the one I listed above, hoped to expose the hypocrisy of supporters of a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. Those against gay marriage have long asked homosexuals questions concerning when they knew they were gay, how did they know they didn’t like those of the opposite gender and so on. Apparently, what got these students this notoriety, was the fact that two teachers held an impromptu class discussion on the survey. This infuriated several parents. I applaud them for opening a dialog about how we can embrace diversity in our high schools. Kids have enough stuff on their plate and enough societal pressures as it is. The thing that I like about this survey is that it goes straight (no pun intended!) to the heart of what has long been debated: is being gay something you’re born with, or is it “learned”? Those who would argue that it is learned must also agree then that heterosexuality is “learned” as well, else they’re hypocrites. The survey is printed below. So tell me what you think.


Image borrowed from the Journal-Sentinel article



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