It’s worse than that. She’s dead, jim!


Terri Schiavo has finally passed away. I could go on and on with the jokes about how it’s about time she lost some weight, but that would be in poor taste. It’s a shame, really, that her parents just couldn’t let go. The anguish they must have felt for every day of the last 15 years must have been damn near unbearable. As a parent myself, I would also find it hard to let go if my daughter or son were in the state that Terri was in, but would have to do just that. However, the real shame needs to be placed upon our legislators (read Senate and House Republicans). They showed, once again, that they will do whatever is necessary to win in the court of public opinion.

My real problem with the emergency legislation that has been brought forth recently as it pertains to the Schiavo case, is that these same legislators that lambast Senate and House Democrats for backing what they call “activist” judges, tried to turn Judge Greer into exactly that. So my question then, is “Are your activist judges better than our activist judges”? Shall we set-up a Steel Cage Match to determine the outcome?

I Don’t Think So. Although it would be interesting to see on pay-per-view.

Judge Greer ruled upon the letter of the law, as emotionally painful as it may have been. To do otherwise would be to compromise his oath of office. The congregation of his church should be ashamed for kicking him out. So-called Christians the world over should be ashamed for calling him a murderer and other such names.

So, in closing, I’d like to say Thank You, Judge Greer. Even though your private life now seems ruined because of all of the media exposure, you did the right thing. Michael Schiavo, forgive your in-laws. Assuming you really were acting in Terri’s best interests and following her wishes, forgive Bob and Mary Schindler. It’s the only way you can go on with a clear conscience. Terri, wherever you are*, I’m glad you are finally at peace after all these years.

*Feel free to draw your own conclusions about the afterlife. I know what I believe, whether it’s right or wrong.

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