It’s My Blogiversary

Hey everybody, it’s my 1st Blogiversary! On this date last year, I officially launched my original blog, Unpopular Opinions. Turns out that my opinions aren’t as unpopular as I once thought and since I was unable to obtain the domain, I figured I’d start anew as it were.

In the past year, I’ve been able to express my views on many different issues. Starting this site gave me the opportunity to find quality sites like the ones listed to the right. I got a chance to find some kindred spirits among others that share my views, both political and personal. I’ve found I can have some decent and even some not-so-decent arguments and debates with some of you, my visitors. I originally opened this site because I was very angry with the Bush Administration and its reasons for going to war in Iraq, but specifically because his march to war took my brother with them. My brother is still there in Iraq doing his duty as best he can. I have yet to meet any of the people behind the sites I link to personally, but I feel as if I know some of them as well as best friends do. I hope that never changes. So let me thank all of you that come here on a regular or even semi-regular basis. Without all of you, I probably would have gotten disgusted long before now and closed up shop.

Now, as you ALL know, on anniversaries, you should give gifts. Traditionally, the first anniversary brings a gift of paper, but since I’m a thoroughly modern kind of guy, I’ll accept the more modern gift of a clock. A nice grandfather clock would make a nice addition to the house we bought this year. Actually, I just ask that you keep coming back here. It makes me feel that my rants and sometime thoughtful insights and introspections are appreciated.

Now excuse me, while I go and celebrate. (singing “Happy anniversary, happy anniversary…)

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