I’m sorry Mr. President, your political capital account is overdrawn…

I saw only brief portions of the President’s address tonight and I have to say I am impressed with his ability to maintain lie after lie after lie. He continued to make the assertion that Al-Qaeda and Iraq are linked to 9/11. Even when his own 9/11 commission proved otherwise. It is high time we purge the Whitehouse of these liars, through impeachment proceedings; these liars who are bent on nothing but their own ideology. While the President rails on about how when the commanders in the field say we need more troops, we’ll send more troops, my brother and many others still sit over there in harm’s way on an indefinite stop-loss order. Can you see the irony yet, Mr. President? Can you see that if troop levels were where they should be, we wouldn’t need to stop-loss anyone?

With all of the Downing Street Memos released, the op-ed article released citing Air Force Gen. T. Michael Moseley stating that, indeed, bombing strikes in the No-Fly zones back in August 2002 were intended as “spikes of activity” meant to try and incite Saddam into starting the war, as well as all of the other mounting evidence shows that this Administration was hell-bent on invading Iraq when we didn’t have to.

Mr. President, you could have given yourself a little bit of credibility tonight by shooting straight with all of America. You could have said that things aren’t as rosy as we have been told. You could have told us that democracy was not taking hold as quickly, nor as firmly, as we would like. You could have said that it appears that we are creating more enemies than we get rid of. You could have said that the reason Iraqi forces are not up to the challenge to policing their own country is that too many of them desert their posts when confronted by the better equipped insurgents. You could have provided a concrete timeline for troop withdrawal. This would have forced the Iraqis to get serious about defending their own country. It wouldn’t have been artificial as you say, Mr. President. You are so resolute about “defeating terror”, why couldn’t you be resolute about bringing our troops home? Your own Vice President, Dick Cheney, stated that the insurgency is in its “last throes”, but your commander on the ground, Gen Abizaid, state differently. Why is it that every one else can see what a mess, quagmire if you will, Iraq has become except for you and your Administration?

With each passing day and each bald-faced lie, you go further and further in debt, Mr. President. The American people WILL be collecting on that debt. You can bet your ass we will.

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