I’m Done

I’m done.

I’m done dealing with the bullshit. I’m packing it in. In accordance with the infamous words from the Borg Collective, “You will be assimilated”, so I have been. If I was to really look into my core beliefs, I’d have to say that I am not really the progressive I tried to be, but rather a moderate Republican.

I can no longer keep trying to separate my personal beliefs with my political beliefs. It’s tearing me apart bit by bit and I’m sick of it. I don’t quite know yet if I’ll be continuing this site or not. If I do, it will most likely change drastically. Probably with a bit more of a conservative tone.

Below the fold I will try to explain in better detail why I have made this decision. I know some of you are shocked right now, but if you read on, you’ll understand. You may not like it, but you’ll at least understand.

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