I feel like I’m yelling into an empty room…

…at times. Instead of force-feeding all of you just MY opinion on all things political, religious, humorous, etc., I’ve decided to have guest bloggers. I have already alerted a couple of folks that I’d like to post some things here and will probably ask a few others as well. By no means is this going to turn into a “group blog” per se, rather just another take on things. For those of you worried that I may be going to the Dark Side (from the left, this is seen as going Republican, and vice versa for the right, although they already think I’m there!), your fears are unfounded. I will, however, on occasion, ask a right-leaning blogger to grace us with their presence give us an alternate opinion on the items of the day. It has been my experience that you never get all the information available if you only look at things from your own point of view. The old saying, There’s two sides to every story is especially pertinent when it comes to debate. This is part of the reason that I troll some right-leaning sites. Either way, I only ask that you, my readers, be respectful to our guest bloggers. I won’t filter any comments made unless the comments go beyond good taste and lively debate.

I also want to take a moment to say Thanks to each of you that read what I have to say on a semi-regular basis.

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