Hezbollah was defeated?

That’s what the President says. Although a statement like that just begs the question:

If Hezbollah was defeated, why did they need a cease-fire?

Next the President will probably tell us things like:

  • The moon really is made of green cheese.
  • We really are safer since 9/11.
  • Our soldiers in Iraq are fighting for our freedom.
  • Saddam Hussein had ties to Al-Qaeda.
  • Freedom is Slavery.
  • Ignorance is Strength.
  • We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Ahh, the wonderful world we live in, eh? It must be nice to be able to actually believe things like that. It makes your course through life go pretty smoothly I’d imagine. But the truth is–yes, I said truth–that real life isn’t as easy as the President makes it seem. [sarcasm]The economy is chugging along and those tax cuts are good for America. Why DO Democrats hate America?[/sarcasm]

The fact is, We aren’t any safer than we were before 9/11. It’s just that it’s all the more visible now. If we have to “fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here”, why did the most recent arrests occur in the UK? The fact is, there are going to be people who wish this country harm. Nothing you can do about that. You aren’t going to “win their hearts and minds” no matter how much propaganda you spew. The sooner you admit that fact, the sooner you can try and find out WHY they hate us. Could it be our imbalanced policies toward countries in the Middle East with regards to Israel? Probably. Once you find out the reasons why they hate us, you can begin to try and change that. Bombs, missles, and tanks are probably not the best way to do that. Now granted, I understand that there will be those whose minds will never be changed. But there’s also quite a few who would start taking a different view of America if her policies toward Israel changed.

For instance, anybody know how many UN Resolutions the US has passed that admonished Israel?

The answer is none. Even when the resolutions are fairly worded admonishing both parties equally, we still shoot it down. This is another reason the UN needs to be radically changed. Take away the permanent member status of France, the UK, the US, the Russian Federation, and China. Or at least take away their veto power. Make any resolutions submitted to the Security council be more democratic, meaning it only takes a majority (3 of 5) to pass. Anyway, I’m getting way off track here.

I guess my main point of all of this is how can the President be so dense as to make a statement like this? Because he said they’re the losers in their war(?) with Israel, does he honestly think they’ll go “Yup, Bush said we’re the losers. Why don’t we go home now and get rid of all of our weapons.”?

I can’t wait for the November elections. Maybe then we’ll be able to put this power-mad President in check like the system is supposed to do.

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