Hey! Israel!

Fuck You!

No, really, fuck you. You have created a huge mess that is doing more to destabilize the region than to “defend” yourselves from attack. I mean, what the fuck are you trying to achieve? Getting your soldier(s) back? Yeah, you’re really gonna accomplish that by massive bombings of the Palestinian Authority and Lebanon. I’m sure you have a long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists, except when you do.

Take October 1997, for instance. You freed nearly 72 prisoners in a swap that got you the 2 Mossad members Hamas was holding. Included in the prisoner exchange was the then-spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin. Why couldn’t you have spared yourself, the Palestinian people, and the people of Lebanon all of this death and destruction by agreeing to another swap? You’ve done it several times in the past.

I understand you want, and have the right, to defend yourself. But you have to be bat-shit nuts not to see that there will be no satisfactory ending to what you started. (ed. note – I know technically it was started when Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier and escalated further when Hezbollah kidnapped 2 more soldiers.) By continuing the incursion into the Gaza Strip and your relentless bombing of Beirut, you have made a conscious decision to escalate tensions even further, perhaps to your own detriment if Syria and Iran jump in the mix. You could have solved this without the further bloodshed of innocent Israeli, Palestinian, and Lebanese civilians. But you chose not to solve it easily. You had to show the region and the world your superior firepower. Well, good luck with that. History will judge how successful you were. That is, if the world is around long enough. We know you have nukes and so does the rest of the world, even if you won’t admit to it. It’s kind of like trying to hide a 20-story building behind your back. Do you think people wouldn’t be able to see it?

So, Ehud Olmert, Fuck YOU! If you make the decision to continue to escalate things by engaging Iran and/or Syria, you may be held responsible for starting WWIII. Granted, that would make some people pretty happy, but it isn’t the way to solve this situation.

And while I’m at it: John Bolton? Fuck you too, you walrus-’stached asshole! The shit you just pulled by vetoing a draft proposal to admonish Israel for the killing of Palestinian civilians and the destruction of the only power station in Gaza was reprehensible. You are definitely living up to the kind of diplomat I and many others thought you’d be.

So, just enjoy yourself and the mess you’ve created, Israel. You aren’t doing a damn thing but inviting further attacks because you were too damn stupid to realize that a diplomatic solution was the way to go. Hell, you could have been close to getting some semblance of peace going in the region, but you blew it. The militant arm of Hamas even said that if you’d release Palestinian prisoners, you’d get Cpl. Shalit back. Hezbollah said the same thing about the two soldiers of yours they hold. Would that have ended the sporadic violence that existed beforehand? No, but there would have been a hell of a lot less dead bodies to mourn over.

So thanks a lot. You’ve done more in two weeks to destroy the peace process that, while not guaranteed, could have been possible if not for your ego.

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