Hello? Rummy? You’re a bit late, Sir…

Ha ha ha ha! Good One! Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says it’s now time to “unite” with our allies to DEFEAT TERRORISM! Uhh, hate to tell you this, Rummy, but you’re late. A couple of years late.

See, if you and Karl and George and Dick had done this about 2 years ago, we may not have the number of US military deaths that we have now. See, if we would have listened to the rest of the civilized world, there might have been a peaceful resolution to this whole Iraq mess. But I digress. There is now freedom and democracy over there, right? Disregard those daily car-bombings. Nothing to see here. Move along people.

It’s really kind of funny how Rumsfeld plays off his previous speech:

Referring to his earlier critical description of European nations that opposed the Iraq war as “old Europe,” he said, “That was old Rumsfeld,” drawing laughs from the assembled officials.

Nevermind that “old Europe” thing, I was just kidding. I didn’t mean that. Can we still be friends?

Where was this resolve to use diplomacy 2 years ago? Once again, Bush and Co. show the world that diplomacy is to be used when it’s convenient for them. Bahh. A pox on the whole damn lot of them.

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