Harriet Meiers may be a lot of things…

…but at least she told the CIA not to destroy the tapes depicting “advanced interrogation techniques”.

I hope this revelation is the final straw that breaks Congress’ back into bringing forth Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney and the rest of their cabal. Back in 2005, when the CIA was interrogating Abu Zubaydah, they kept videos which showed him being waterboarded. But contrary to Harriet Meiers request, the CIA destroyed the evidence. Yeah, I said evidence because that’s what it is. I can clearly remember President Bush, on several occasions, adamantly stating that the U.S. doesn’t torture. However, when the news comes out about the waterboarding of terrorism suspects, the White House states that they had no idea about it:

The Justice Department and the CIA’s internal watchdog are conducting a joint inquiry into the matter to determine whether a full investigation is warranted. With that review ongoing, the White House counsel’s office has instructed White House press secretary Dana Perino not to get into details with reporters.

“I think that that’s appropriate, and I’ll adhere to it,” Perino said Monday. She said her previous statement remains accurate _ that President Bush has no recollection of hearing about the tapes’ existence or their destruction before being briefed about it last Thursday.(my emphasis)

First of all, I’m calling bullshit on that little tidbit. We all know, or at least suspect, that President Bush is an idiot of the highest caliber, but there’s no way he didn’t know a damn thing about these so-called “advanced interrogation techniques”. As if our credibility in the world wasn’t damaged enough, this scandal comes out and ruins it even further. I am really getting tired of all these “revelations” coming out about the shit we do when it comes to suspected terrorists, our intelligence agencies, and the overall machinations of the White House. Congress had better pull its head out of its ass and do something this time. Hey Democrats! I’m talking to you! We (being the American people) wanted change when we gave you the majority. Now’s your time to step up and do something!


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