Happy Anniversary, Iraq!

Two long years, in which many lives have been lost. Estimates place the loss of American life, both military and contractor, at 1500+, the same that’s being reported in the Mainstream Media. Thousands of Iraqi citizens have lost their lives to in the “war” that was supposed to make Iraq a safer place under the rule of Democracy. Two years since the start of “shock and awe”, Saddam has been deposed, but violence mars the landscape. Car-bombs, IEDs, and suicide attacks seem to be the only anniversary gifts the Iraqi people will receive on this day.

President Bush showed, once again, how pompous and arrogant he really is:

“Now, because we acted, Iraq’s government is no longer a threat to the world or its own people,” Bush said, delivering his weekly radio address.

Although truthful, what he failed to say (call him a liar by omission?) was that the threat to Iraq now, is not it’s government, but the insurgents who are bound and determined to undermine efforts towards Democracy. At this point, I don’t know which is worse; probably the insurgency. With Saddam in power, at least we knew who the “enemy” was. Our enemy now is a nameless, faceless group of urban guerillas who are bent on destroying the peace process and, indirectly, American will to fight.

Around the world today, there have been numerous protests against the War in Iraq. More and more, the “coalition of the willing” is becoming the “coalition of the not-so-willing anymore”. More and more, countries that sided with us in the beginning, are withdrawing their forces.

So, Happy Anniversary Iraq! My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your citizens, but especially the men and women in uniform fighting in the U.S. military.

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