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Caught this over at Driftglass via FDL:

This will be the First and Last time I will ever defend anything to do with Wal-Mart, and I do it fully realizing that they’re probably punk out tomorrow.

Driftglass is basically backing Wal-mart’s decision to stock the “gay cowboy movie” Brokeback Mountain. As one would expect they are getting a shitstorm of criticism from the Religious Right about selling such a morally-reprehensible piece-of-trash movie such as this. The heart of the controversy, as DG points out in his long post is this concerning the religious right:

Of course, they could just not buy that which offends them. Just not read what gives them those guilty, gladiator-movie, big-pants-feelings “down there”. Just not watch what, in the immortal words of Lewis Black, “makes them feel icky.”

But no: It’s always with the bonfires, these people.

Books. Churches. Humans.

Always gotta put the torch to what they fear.

And therein lies the problem with fundamentalist Christians today. Those of us on the left have said time and again that if you have a problem with something, i.e. Brokeback Mountain, DON’T WATCH IT OR BUY IT! The easiest thing you can do is to keep something like this out of your home. Is the packaging of this movie gonna turn your kiddies gay? How about the cover-art? Will that do it? No? Didn’t think so! If you don’t agree with the premise of the movie, which by the way most fundamentalists haven’t even watched, don’t buy it. Simple enough, right? But, as I quoted above, Driftglass hits the nail on the head. It’s not enough that they not purchase such filth, they have to eliminate it altogether. Nevermind that some people might like to watch it and would be able to see beyond the “gay cowboy movie” moniker it’s been given to see a a tale of love, loss, and loneliness.

However you feel about this, I strongly encourage you all to click on over to Driftglass to read his entire (long) post and the comments. Can’t forget the comments!

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