Fitzmas morning?

Despite the reports from TruthOut last Friday, Fitzmas did not come over the weekend or even this past Monday. Like an anxious child, those of us on the Left have been waiting rather impatiently to hear the news confirmed that, yes indeed, Karl Rove has been indicted for his role in the Valerie Plame outing. Conventional wisdom indicates that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will follow the same plan as he did with the I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s indictment and announce it today. As some have said, Fitzgerald is nothing if not patient, thorough, and efficient. His investigation has even reached the Whitehouse itself with the recent announcement that certain documents from Dick Cheney’s office had been subpoenaed. Specifically, a copy of the Joe Wilson editorial that accused the Whitehouse of not listening to opposing arguments concerning the alleged acquisition of yellowcake uranium for use in a non-existent nuclear program in Iraq. This copy included handwritten notes in the margin that apparently question Joe Wilson’s claims as well as how to “strike back” as it were.

So like that expectant child we sit and wait. The tree is lit and decorated, the presents are wrapped. The only question is when will Fitzgerald gives us the green-light to open those presents with amazement as our Fitzmas wishes come true. Will today be the day?

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