Domestic spying now authorised

I know I’m a little lot late to the game on this issue, but I feel it’s important enough to post something on it regardless.

As ALLof you know by know, the FISA Court has now authorized Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program to continue albeit under court supervision. While that should have been done from the very beginning, at this point it’s a little like closing the barn door after the horse got out. Personally, I happy as hell that the FISA Court finally got its wits about itself and did the right thing. However, here’s the problem (you knew thatwas coming didn’t you?):

Just because the program is now subject to the kind of scrutiny that should have been placed on it from the start, DOES NOT MAKE PREVIOUS WIRETAPS SUDDENLY LEGAL! President Bush is trying to circumvent the law once again, although that’s not really hard to believe considering his past actions. Congress needs to make an example of him him by subjecting him to trial over his previous law-breaking on this matter.

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