Dog and Pony show at Guantanamo proves nothing

For those that have served in the military, you know how it goes with “surprise” inspections. That’s right, they’re NEVER surprises. Every time we were to have a surprise inspection we knew about it days before. The info was usually passed on during formation like this:

Listen up, Marines! I have it on good authority that the [insert dignitary’s title/name here] is going to give a surprise inspection on Friday. I want ALL of you to get yourselves and your areas squared away. We don’t want any bad publicity with the IG(Inspector General) over this. Dismissed!

CNN reported today that several members of Congress visited Guantanamo to tour the facilities to “see how the detainees are treated”. Of course, using my above example, it was nothing but feathers in the treatment of those detained there. The guards knew there were going to be visitors. With the foreknowledge the staff at Guantanamo had, they cleaned up the detainees, and treated them with the highest of respect. On top of that, the Whitehouse gets the privilege to throw out a big “I told you so!” to the critics of Gitmo. I’m sorry, but I’m not convinced.CNN – U.S. lawmakers tour Guantanamo prison

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