Dag – nabbit! I’ve been tagged!

Well, well, well. Sinequanon has tagged me with the 5 Weird Habits of Highly Eccentric People meme. I usually try to avoid these things like the plague, but I suppose I’ll indulge just this once.

  1. I am fanatical about my bread. Regardless of whether I’m making toast or a sandwich, both sides of the bread must “match”. This means that all fillings must be in between the pieces of bread as if they were still in the loaf. I know, I’m weird. Tell me something I don’t know.
  2. Every time I call my father, I start the conversation with “Hey Der Me Papa”. I can’t remember how or when this got started, but it’s a habit alright.
  3. I talk to my cats. Yes, I know that, in itself, is not too strange. My cat Fred talks back to me though. Seriously. It usually starts with me calling him something to the effect of “Fat dummy cat”. He then meows back at me as if scolding me. Other times I point my finger at him and say sternly “NO!” he then, almost without fail, meows back loudly as if to tell me “The hell you say!”. Told ya I was weird.
  4. This is not so much a weird habit as it is a rather annoying habit. I cannot help but to correct people’s grammar when speaking or spelling when reading something they’ve written. Spelling and grammar are two pet peeves of mine.
  5. Finally, I absolutely have to have my shoelaces laced left over right. It goes back to my time in the Marine Corps. Everything in the military starts with your left. When you march, how your boots are laced, etc. If my shoes are not laced that way, I will take the 20 minutes to remove the laces and thread them left over right as I’m looking down at them.

Well Nancy, it’s late as hell, but there’s my 5 weird habits. You were the first ever to tag me. For my tag-ees as it were, I think I’ll have to hit up

    • DBK over at Blanton’s and Ashton’s
    • Scroff over at Any Which Way
    • Danny – formerly of Danny in Wisconsin (you can leave it in the comments, buddy)
    • L.S. Butts of Justice E. R.

and finally

  • Cait of Caiterwauling

Hope you guys don’t get too mad at me for this!

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