Bull Dog Says

‘Cuz we just like killing and stuff

killing and stuff

News reports have come out this weekend indicating that Israel is quietly negotiating with Hezbollah for a prisoner exchange. This news has me pissed off even more at Israel. It makes me beg the question “WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU DO THIS FROM THE START?

Every single civilian death, both Israeli and Lebanese, could have been avoided if Israel had done this from the start. What, you get your asses handed to you a few times by Hezbollah and NOW you want to negotiate? Play nice again? Why not just bargain with Hezbollah in the first place?

Thirty-four days of hell, death and destruction rained down on Beirut and south Lebanon just for the hell of it. For 34 days, Hezbollah sent Katyusha rockets into northern Israel to indiscriminately kill civilians and IDF soldiers alike. The whole campaign was a waste.

I guess Olmert ordered the attack on Lebanon ‘cuz he just likes killing and stuff.

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