Changes around here

As if my recent lack of posting hasn’t told you anything, there are going to be and have been some changes around here.

For starters, I have moved into a new position at work which has had the effect of severely limiting my time for posting. Secondly, this new position finally gives me weekends free to spend with my family and do whatever it is normal people do on the weekend.

For some time now, I’ve gotten the apathetic bug again and gotten bored with posting, even with the important things that have been going on lately. Memorial Day, Hillary bowing out of the Democratic primary in favor of Barack Obama, Scotty McClellan’s new book saying he basically lied through his teeth while Press Secretary, the recent Supreme Court ruling that issued a smackdown to President Bush once again over Guantanamo detainees right to habeas corpus, among other things in the news recentlyshould have gotten me off my lazy ass and prompted a post, but it hasn’t. To my regular readers, I apologize. To be honest, a lot of my “anger” has worn off and I’m finding I’m actually a pretty pleasant person to be around now. I no longer try to engage every person I meet in a political debate, much to their relief. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not still angry at the Bush Administration nor at Congress for their shenanigans in continuing to placate the Republicans and President Bush. It’s just I don’t care as much anymore. I guess you could say I’m kind of resigned to the fact that our Democratic Congress is spineless and Bush is still an asshat.

So with that all said, I apologize again for the lack of new material. There will probably be a whole lot less new material from here on out. I do ask that you still come around to see if I’m still alive and kicking though. I may suprise you with a post now and then.

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