Asshat of the week – Judge Tosses Out Teen’s Homework Lawsuit

The sad thing about this, is that it occurred in my neck of the woods. Some Honors Physics student got a little pissed off because his Physics teacher assigned him homework over the summer. Too Freaking Bad. Welcome to the real world.

“Wahh! I need a break! I just don’t have time for this when I have all MY stuff to do this summer!”

Get over yourself. Really. Thankfully, a judge feels the same way.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Richard Sankovitz on Tuesday called 17-year-old Peer Larson’s suit frivolous and said his complaint should be directed at the school board.

The Wisconsin attorney general’s office may ask the judge to order Larson to pay the state’s court costs.

I really hope they do levy fines and court costs against this kid and his dad. Maybe that would help cure him of this rampant Asshattery!

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