Asshat of the Week Award – Space Shuttle edition

You knew I couldn’t resist this story, didn’t you?

This week’s AOTW Award goes to Lisa Nowak, the Space Shuttle astronaut accused of attempted kidnapping and 1st degree murder. Poor Lisa drove from Houston to Florida, over 900 miles mind you, to confront the woman she thought was also vying for the attention of fellow astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander Bill Oefelein. What makes this truly worthy of the AOTW award is the fact that she was found with

…diapers that Nowak said she used to eliminate stops along the highway…

I could almost hear Nowak’s cries of “But I LOOOOOOVVVEEE him!” This is really too much. Besides Colleen Shipman, the woman Nowak was attempting to “scare” away from Oefelein, the real victims in this bizarre tale of lust, lies, and lascivious behavior are Nowak’s husband and children. According to the CNN article, Nowak is married with 3 kids.

So congratulations, Mrs. Nowak, you are 2007’s second Asshat of the Week Award winner. Perhaps you enjoyed those 900 miles of sitting in your own bodily waste on your trip from Houston to Orlando. I guess it just Depends on how you look at it.

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