Asshat of the week award – More about the wacky folks from my home town

This is not your typical post about Terri Schiavo. I am not going to rant about how Bush is a hypocrite(ok, just a little), or how the Left just wants to “kill her!”. I just wanted to get that off of my chest right away. According to Yahoo! News, it appears that a confused young man from my hometown has set out to “Save Terri!”.

On Thursday, a Rockford, Ill., man was arrested in Seminole after trying to steal a weapon from a gun shop. Michael W. Mitchell, 20, told deputies he wanted to “take some action and rescue Terri Schiavo” after he visited the Pinellas Park hospice where she lives, an official said. Seminole is about 5 miles west of Pinellas Park.

The best part is this(from CNN):

Meanwhile, FBI agents have arrested a North Carolina man on suspicion of soliciting offers over the internet to kill Michael Schiavo and Greer. Richard Alan Meywes of Fairview is accused of offering $250,000 for the killing of Schiavo and another $50,000 for the “the elimination of the judge who ruled against Terry.”

Now, I don’t know either of these guys personally, not that I’d want to anyway, but I suspect their religious convictions may be playing a part in their attempt to try and save Terri Schiavo. Again, that is just my suspicion. As in, no proof. If, indeed, that is the case, can you sense the irony here? I mean, a religious person threatening to kill one (or more) person(s) in order to save another?

And since irony abounds so far in this post, how about this: In 1999, President (then-governor) Bush signed the Texas Futile Care Law. This law is essentially ‘Right To Die’ legislation. Kind of ironic that the President now is asking us to “presume on the side of life”, don’t you think? This law was used successfully to kill Sun Hudson, but not-so-successfully to kill Spiro Nikolouzos. I’m not gonna post details. Do a Google Search if you want to know more.

Anyway, both of these guys warrant my Asshat of the Week Award.

(portions of articles pilfered from CNN and Yahoo! News)

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