And sometimes life intervenes…

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I haven’t been around these parts lately. As the title indicates, sometimes life intervenes. That’s not to say I haven’t kept somewhat up-to-date on the political goings-on in our country. I’ve watched the Foley scandal explode further damaging an already fragile GOP hold over Congress and I can’t say I’m surprised. The whole thing has me absolutely seething with anger considering how long GOP leaders have known about his “problem”. I’ve been so angry and disgusted by it I haven’t even wanted to blog about it. The poor excuse given over why GOP leaders didn’t do anything about this earlier has me pissed off all the more, but I digress.

As I said, life intervenes sometimes. I’ve actually kind of enjoyed this brief time away from politics and the blogosphere. I’ve gotten to do some things around the house and watch my son play JV and Varsity football and my daughter cheer for the community team. I am as proud as a Dad can be. My wife also recently volunteered (volun-told?) me to play darts on Tuesday nights with her coworkers’ husband. I’m not too shabby, but there is definitely room for improvement. But other than all that, I’ve had the chance to just relax a bit. Immersing myself in politics like I’ve done since I started this site can be very stressful. Again, that’s not to say that those issues are not important to each of us and to the future of this country.

So with that said, I welcome you all back to The Bulldog Says… I hope I haven’t disappointed you by my absence. I won’t guarantee I’ll resume blogging with the same angst I’ve shown before, but I will continue blogging. So don’t forget to support your local Democratic candidate and to vote November 7th! We can and will take back Congress and get this country back on the right path.

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