All it takes is the flip of a switch…

With a list of links and cross-posts a mile long, I thank Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast for the link (which links to that actual article).


Looks like Diebold electronic voting machines can be manipulated after all. And rather easy at that. Like the title says, all it takes is the flip of a switch. It has long been reported that electronic voting machines were suceptable to altering, but none of the previous reports made it sound so simple as this:

…it has been determined that with the flip of a single switch inside, the machine can behave in a completely different manner compared to the tested and certified version.

And people wonder why there have been calls of voter fraud on the past two elections. Jeebus! I guess when Wally O’Dell, head of Diebold promised to deliver the 2004 election to George Bush, he wasn’t kidding. Granted, to Republicans, this sounds like more conspiracy theory shit, but think about it–would Republicans really like this vulnerability to be utilized once Democrats come back to power? I highly doubt it.

As DBK of Blanton’s and Ashton’s has said many, many times, it’s time to endorse Congressman Rush Holt’s legislation for voter-verifiable election results: H.R. 550. Write, call, or email your legislator in the House to get behind this needed legislation if they haven’t already.


Many thanks to Shakespeare’s Sister, Paul the Spud, Brad Blog, Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast, Slashdot Politics, DBK at Blanton’s and Ashton’s, and The Open Voting Foundation for all the information.

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