Above the law?

This is what happens when you cross the Milwaukee Police:


Although witness accounts differ from the “official” version of things, one thing is clear: Frank Jude Jr. got the ass-beating of his life. The only question left unanswered is Why? Four Milwaukee police officers are suspected in the Oct. 24, 2004 beating after a house party. Why none of them has actually been charged in the beating is a question only Police Chief Nan Hegerty can answer.

The short account of what happened is this: Oct. 24, in a Milwaukee suburb, the 4 accused officers and the beatee were at a house party. Supposedly, Mr. Jude attempted to take one of the off-duty police officer’s badges. That is when all hell broke loose. Frank Jude was beaten within inches of his life, stripped naked, and even threatened with a knife. The officers state that they were trying to “subdue” the suspect. Here is my problem(you knew it was coming, didn’t you?):

  1. The minute you ingest alcohol, you cease being a police officer. When I was in the military, you were charged with an alcohol-related incident. You cannot effectively discharge your duties as an officer of the law when you’ve been drinking.
  2. Why did any one of the officers have their badge in plain view (if in fact their claims are true that Jude tried to take it) when they were obviously there to drink?
  3. Why have these officers not been charged with a crime? They’ve been suspended, yes, pending an “investigation”.

To me, this statement by the District Attorney, shows, once again, the blue wall of silence:

The investigation has been slowed by some officers who aren’t fully cooperating, the district attorney said.

“There’s no question crimes were committed,” McCann said last week. “This is not the usual type of case. Instead of police cooperating with you, you have a number of police who are intent on obstructing the inquiry.”

Unfortunately, some community leaders are making things worse with some of their protests by calling the D.A. a racist, saying the officers were “faggots”(their words), and so on. That is not the way to effectively protest the lack of charges. Personally, I hope that the officers ARE charged and hopefully lose their jobs. With cops like that on the street, why worry about the real criminals.


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