A great American Hero

I normally wouldn’t get involved with this, but the man I am about to introduce to you is, indeed, a Great American Hero. Paul Hackett is the Democratic candidate for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District. He re-enlisted and volunteered to go to Iraq for 7 months to do his part to fight a war he disagrees with. He also happens to be a Marine Corps Major.

Maj. Hackett is fighting for his political life right now for a hotly contested seat in Congress in a primarily Republican district. All of this came about when Rob Portman resigned his seat to become the US Trade Representative. Paul Hackett is the kind of man we need representing us in Congress. He isn’t afraid to speak freely either. He has been quoted recently as saying Bush is a Chickenhawk.

With not much time left until the August 2nd Special Election, I want to urge all of you dedicated readers of my site to contribute to Paul’s campaign. Corruption in Ohio needs to be defeated. Jean Schmidt’s lies need to be uncovered and a fresh start undertaken in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District. Thanks and Semper Fidelis.

Hackett For Congress

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